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Artist Bio

Chen Yang, born in 1997, is a dynamic and innovative artist emerging from China’s vibrant contemporary art scene. With a profound educational foundation, Chen embarked on his artistic journey at the prestigious Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, where she honed her craft in Digital Media Arts from 2016, after having been nurtured in the academy’s affiliated high school since 2012.​

In 2020. Chen’s quest for artistic and academic excellence led him to the internationally renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, where she pursued and completed her Master's degree in Fine Art in 2022.


This period marked a significant evolution in her creative approach, allowing her to explore and refine her voice within the global art community.​Chen's artistic oeuvre is distinguished by its critical engagement with the themes of social environments and the intricate relationships within socio-ecological systems. His work is a thoughtful inquiry into the complexities of cultural hybridity in contemporary society, navigating the intersections of tradition and modernity with a keen and discerning eye.

​Renowned for her versatility and innovative use of mixed media, Chen specializes in digital media art, moving image, as well as painting and sculpture installations. Her creative practice is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, through which she investigates and articulates the nuanced dialogues between human societies and their habitats.


​In 2023, Chen achieved a notable milestone when his work "Three Chairs" was shortlisted for the prestigious Clifford Chance/University of the Arts London Sculpture Award, a testament to her growing influence and recognition in the art world.


This accolade underscores Chen’s capacity to communicate powerful narratives and ideas through her art, marking her as a significant voice among the emerging generation of artists dedicated to examining and reshaping the contours of contemporary culture.​


Chen Yang’s work continues to evolve, driven by a relentless curiosity and a commitment to exploring new mediums and expressions. As she navigates the challenges and opportunities of the global art landscape, her contributions offer insightful perspectives on the pressing issues of our time, solidifying her status as a leader and innovator in the field of contemporary art.

Exhibition Experience


  • "Three Chairs" - Guangzhou Art Center
    Guangzhou, China, December 2023.

  • "Three Chairs" - 23rd China (NANAN) International Stone Art Week
    NANAN, China.

  • "Three Chairs" Surprise, Somers Gallery
    North London, UK.

  • Digital Exhibition Show, THE HOLY ART Gallery
    "Xenophora pallidula" (Digital Painting), Athens, Greece, February 2023.

  • "Three Chairs" Shortlist in Clifford Chance/University of the Arts London Sculpture Award
    London, UK.


  • Exhibition "They, Them, Their", IMT Gallery
    London, UK.

  • Degree Shows in Central Saint Martins
    "Mom’s Eyes & Three Chairs," London, UK.

  • The Thin Metal is Going Through My Left Ear Hole, LUX Art
    "Focus on The Red Point," London, UK.

  • Merch Print Painting Work, Lethaby Gallery
    London, UK.


  • Himalayan Art Museum
    "The desire to repeat," Shanghai, China.

  • Collection Of Artists Exhibition
    Artist documentary, London, UK.


  • Online Interim Show, Central Saint Martins
    "Repetition," London, UK.


  • Graduation Exhibition of LU XUN Academy of Fine Arts
    Personal Exhibition, Dalian, China.

Work Experience


Social Media & Design Executive

Strategic Contributions:

  • Championing Art-Commerce Synergy: Actively led initiatives to fuse art with commercial ventures, notably through strategic partnerships and collaborations that have set new benchmarks for innovation within the art sector. Yang's efforts in bridging gallery initiatives with business opportunities have not only expanded the gallery's market presence but also established new paradigms for art-commercial ventures.

  • Facilitating Cultural and Artistic Exchanges: Played a pivotal role in enhancing cross-cultural dialogue, particularly between China and the UK, through art. Represented Frameless at the Sino-UK Cultural and Art Exchange Conference at the Palace of Westminster, showcasing the gallery's innovative approach in merging art with commerce, thereby reinforcing the importance of cultural exchange in today’s globalized art market.

Frameless, London, UK
March 2023 - Present ( 1 year )

  • Global Market Expansion & PR: Spearheaded the gallery’s entry into the Chinese digital landscape, expertly adapting our brand ethos for this audience and curating PR content that positioned the gallery as a key destination for art enthusiasts and investors alike.

  • Investor Outreach: Orchestrated high-level campaigns targeting investors, effectively communicating the gallery's value and vision for the future, thereby enhancing art-commerce collaborations.

  • Instagram & Brand Strategy: Originated a growth strategy centered on engagement-driven content and influencer partnerships, aligning closely with the gallery’s mission to blend artistic endeavors with commercial success.

  • Cross-border Social Media Campaigns: Directed multinational campaigns, ensuring coherence and cultural sensitivity, thereby promoting international art and cultural exchanges.


Workshop Technician, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, China
February 2017 - March 2019 (2 years 2 months)

  • Art Medium Expertise: Partnered with faculty to integrate diverse art mediums into illustration courses, ensuring educational materials were both accurate and relevant to contemporary art practices. This collaboration was instrumental in broadening students' understanding and application of various artistic mediums.

  • Digital Media Proficiency: Showcased advanced skills in digital media and video post-production, employing tools like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. My role involved crafting high-quality videos and multimedia content that not only supported the curriculum but also introduced students to the possibilities of digital art and multimedia storytelling.

  • Innovative Promotional Material Creation: Designed and produced dynamic propaganda posters and video clips to highlight course materials. These promotional efforts leveraged artistic mediums to increase student engagement and interest, demonstrating the effective use of art in communication.

  • Curriculum Development for Artistic Mediums: Took a leading role in developing and refining illustration course content with an emphasis on art mediums. My focus on design and layout enhanced the learning experience by providing students with a deep dive into the technical and aesthetic aspects of various art forms.

  • Curriculum Coordination and Update: Collaborated with instructors to ensure course materials remained current and aligned with evolving art mediums and techniques. This ensured that the academy's offerings were at the forefront of art education, reflecting the latest trends and technologies.

  • Marketing Strategy for Art Education: Implemented strategic marketing initiatives that underscored the academy's commitment to diverse art mediums, leading to a 20% increase in studio revenue per month. These strategies not only showcased the academy's innovative approach to art education but also highlighted its role in shaping future artistsThe


Certificate of achievement

The Business of Creativity - Autumn 2023 (November) 

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